Corrugated Pipes

UPI has introduced twin walled pipes to their range. Using UNICOR technology UPI can now manufacture corrugated pipe in HDPE and PP up to 315mm dia. Such pipes include:

  • PP and HDPE sewerage / drainage pipes to EN 13476-3
  • Coilable HDPE cable conduit t to EN 50086 -2-4

Corrugated Pipes Uses:

  • Drainage pipes to EN 13476-3
    • Sewerage
    • Stormwater drainage
    • Industrial discharge
    • Land drainage
  • Cable Conduit to EN 50086-2-4
    • Power distribution
    • Telecommunications
    • Industrial control systems

Corrugated Pipes Advantages:

  • Single or twin wall construction
  • PP for stiffness
  • HDPE for flexibility
  • Continuous pipe lengths in coils
  • Welded or push fit connections
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Our Major Projects

  • Irrigation Mains in Abu Dhabi Industrial City
  • Sewage Rising Mains in Mafraq
  • Sewage Effluent Mains in Al Ain
  • Irrigation Mains in Abu Dhabi
  • Occidental Petroleum, Qatar
  • Abu Dhabi Corniche Development