Corrugated Pipes PE & PP

UPI has introduced twin walled pipes to their range. Using UNICOR technology UPI can now manufacture corrugated pipe in HDPE and PP up to 600mm dia.

Such pipes include:

  • PP and HDPE sewerage / drainage pipes to EN 13476-3
  • Coilable HDPE cable conduit t to EN 50086 -2-4


  • Drainage pipes to EN 13476-3
    • Sewerage
    • Stormwater drainage
    • Industrial discharge
    • Land drainage
    • Cable Conduit to EN 50086-2-4
  • Power distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial control systems


  • Single or twin wall construction
  • PP for stiffness
  • HDPE for flexibility
  • Continuous pipe lengths in coils
  • Welded or push fit connections